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The Protestant Reformation


Martin Luther (1483-1546) was an Augustinian monk and university lecturer in Wittenberg, Germany when he composed his “95 Theses,” which protested the pope’s sale of reprieves from penance, or indulgences.

Worship And Holy Communion - 9:30 AM
Service For Healing And Communion - Every 5th Sunday

Coffee Fellowship - 1st Sunday Of The Month - 9:00 AM

Our Mission

As God’s People We Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ As Savior to All People of the World

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Food Distribution Wednesday
22 October 2014 -  4:30 to 6:00 pM

handicap accessible

Handicap Entrance at the rear of the church.

The Reverend Sherrie Hofmann, Pastor

Saint Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
PO Box 144
Rockwood, Pennsylvania 15557

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The Allegheny Synod

2014 Saint Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church - ELCA  Rockwood, PA